Leading Problems As Well As Solutions For Your Nokia Lumia 920

There’s really no question that Lumia 920 is probably the major stars of Nokia’s Lumia series. It runs a Windows Cellular phone eight operating system. Even so, this touch screen phone without doubt has a few hardware as well as computer software troubles just like other mobile handsets.

Quandary 1: Battery power Drain

Folks are usually protesting about the quick battery drain problem on nearly each touch screen phone and Nokia Lumia 920 isn’t blessed to escape from this particular fate.

Potential Solutions

1. Confirm if any background process is stuck or not. A stuck process could easily drain your Lumia 920 battery.
two. Turn off applications you are not using: NFC, Wireless bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Gps navigation, mobile information and facts, and many others.
3. Decrease screen lighting.

downside 2: Arbitrary Shut down

Quite a few customers have claimed that the unit randomly switches off even though in use. That is also a common issue for the Lumia 920.

Potential Alternatives

1. First try to perform a soft reset by holding down the Volume Down and Energy control keys with each other until the cell phone vibrates Three occasions.
two. In the event the soft reset fails, then try out a hard reset (Video camera + Volume Down + Energy buttons simultaneously). Hold all 3 control buttons down until finally the cell phone vibrates then relieve the power button and hold the volume down and camera for another Five seconds. Try to remember that by conducting this you are going to lose all data, for it really is essentially a factory reset.

Problem three: Heating up

Nokia Lumia 920 is heating up right after some time (Twenty or so minutes to 1 hour based on some users’ accounts). Overheating issue can be a typical situation for several mobile phones.

Practical Options

1. Check the working tasks by pressing the back button for a long period so as to shut down all operating processes.
2. When the Lumia 920 handset runs some applications that demands some permission to work with location services, it could bring about the Lumia 920 heating up problem. Try to roll-out each program you added 1 by One and also acknowledge the conditions and situations.

Concern 4: Hazy Photographs

Lumia 920 is well-known for its photographing. However the fuzzy pictures taken by the unit could annoy you.

Alternate options

One. In case you use a camera shutter it is important, that you really should first half press the camera shutter and wait until the camera locks completely focus throughout the scene.
two. If you ever take shots by tapping on screen, then you certainly ought to tap across the a part of the screen where you would want to concentrate on, then grab the photo.

Drawback 5: Lumia 920 Freezes

A few customers complaint that their Nokia Lumia 920 freeze up when individuals make use of the bluetooth headset or Wifi.

Possible Options

1. Some potential customers came across with this concern right after installing Viber. Uninstalling Viber could possibly remedy user’s freezing issue.
2. Some potential customers mention that when the WiFi or Wireless bluetooth is on, it might lock up along with the battery could drain incredibly quickly perhaps as a result of the big amount of information transfer. So you can try to de-activate the WiFi or Bluetooth and see if it helps.
three. In case you however cannot figure out what the problem is, you can actually try a hard reset (Camera + Volume Down + Energy buttons simultaneously).

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