AT&T Would Substitute Moisture Affected Galaxy S4 Cost-Free

Samsung may shortly provide proprietors of its lately introduced Samsung Galaxy S4 Active water resistant Smartphone the chance to switch it to get a new one during the event that h2o by some means may make its way inside of the gadget.

This news comes via Phone Arena, that reports acquiring an anonymous hint from a person having inside entry to US network AT&T’s internal systems.

In line with the report, the tipster has witnessed an inside menu which details the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active exchange program which will be operated by both AT&T and Samsung itself.

Apparently several of Samsung’s tough Galaxy S4 Active devices aren’t nearly as “everything-proof” as presented.

AT&T validated on Wednesday it has a program to replace Galaxy S4 Active mobile handsets that demonstrate evidence of water damage.

Galaxy S4 active in h2o
Water proofing is among the key benefits applauded for the device, which is designed to withstand dirt and generally be a little more durable than its non-active version.

“Samsung constructed and tested the Galaxy S4 Active to adhere to IP67 specifications for water proofing (1 meter for Half an hour),” AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel stated in a declaration. “If your Galaxy S4 Active is damaged caused by water subjection, take it to an AT&T retail store as quickly as feasible for a one-time exchange for yet another Galaxy S4 Active.”

Samsung associates did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the cause of the issue or how prevalent it may be.

Samsung as well as AT&T have publicized the phone as “whatever-proof,” encouraged people to “bring it wherever” and promoted it as mainly used for taking underwater pics and vids.

Despite the fact that nothing is yet confirmed, this probably suggests that separate of AT&T (so for the remainder of us outside the States), Samsung will be giving the swap to individuals who own water-damaged Samsung Galaxy S4 Active mobile phone models.

Nevertheless, Samsung’s perseverance isn’t endless, it would seem, as the offer is only good for only a one-time swap – if you somehow get h2o in your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active again after having presently swapped a water-damaged device you won’t be able to swap it for a second time.

The original source in addition says the transaction can only be generated to get a replacement unit Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – a person can’t receive an additional Samsung Galaxy model as an alternative – and it simply covers fluid deterioration, so if the mobile has been otherwise bashed around in all probability it won’t meet the criteria.

The scheme implies that even if the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active’s Liquid Deterioration Signal (LDI), often a component which changes shade upon contact with water, shows a indicator you can still produce an exchange.

Samsung is marketing and advertising the Samsung Galaxy Active as a cellular phone that could stand up to moist weather conditions and can be submerged in up to a meter of water, even assisting you to take pictures while underwater, but the IP67 qualification only technically handles submersion for approximately a half-hour. It also doesn’t take into account things such as not having the completely removable rear cover properly closed before you decide to lower it in a pool or puddle.

We have witnessed some reviews of Galaxy S4 Active mobile phones not enduring the full thirty minute time period and the phone’s warranty would not cover water damage.

With any luck , Samsung will help make an authorized announcement in the near future so we can get a more clear idea of if the scheme will work outside the United states plus, in that case, what are the actual facts are.

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